We got bananas today for the first time in about 3 weeks. Shopping in Bonaire isn't like shopping in the states. There is no real agriculture here so everything comes in on the boat. We got bananas today from a grocery called "The Warehouse." - Now from the name you're probably picturing a Sam's or a Costco. - Think again.

The Warehouse is not as big typical American groceries. But it is Air Conditioned and they usually have a good selection of fresh fruit, just maybe not exactly what you're looking for that day.

In the States, we make a grocery list and go to one store and buy it all. In Bonaire we shop more like our parents (or grandparents) did, we go to the market and see what is good and fresh that day. If there is one thing you're really looking for you might have to make a few stops to find it.

Being from New Orleans, we miss our local food. A friend sent us a care package the other day of local products. It cost her $40 to ship it from the States, and I had to pay customs $10 to pick it up from the Post Office. But dinner that night sure was good.


Sometimes we miss not having a Walmart on every corner, but if he did, this wouldn't be paradise.