Sunday, 26 July 2009

Well OK. Here's another reason to come to Bonaire... BEER.

Besides the diving, snorkeling and other activities, Bonaire has such a large selection of BEER

Look at these HAPPY GUESTS Trying a NEW BEER.


Yeah everyone has had Amstel, and Bright and my favorite Polar, but have you ever had

 Golden Drack or Delirium (you know the one with the pink elephant on the label. Well if you haven't now you


have another good reason to come on down to Coral Paradise Resort in Bonaire. BEER

BBQ Yeah Man, We Gots Da BBQ
Monday, 01 June 2009

Many guest email us from time to time and ask if we have a BBQ Pitt on the property

at Coral Paradise Resort.  Well the answer is HELL YEAH!! We sure do.


So if your old BBQ Pitt in the statres or whereever is broke and don't work no more. Hop on the

next plane coming to Bonaire and come use ours as these guest are doing.


 Sea ya at the Pitt and Don't forget to bring some Delirium.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Rincon Day was a Blast this Year,

Thousand of folks in the street, reminds me of Mardi Gras back in New Orleans

If ya planning a trip to Bonaire RINCON DAY (Queens Day) takes place April 30th

On top of all the other great things to do in Bonaire, visit us at Coral Paradise Resort during Rincon Day

for  some fun in the sun.

Image   Image 

Bonaire Carnival 2009 Pictures
Monday, 23 February 2009

It's Carnival Time in Bonaire!

Here are some of our pictures from Carnival in Bonaire and some video too. If you've never been to Carnival (or Mardi Gras as we call it in New Orleans) it's worth the trip. Carnial is a great time to visit Bonaire, all the colorful costumes and atmosphere plus the world's best diving. It don't get much better this. 

Bonaire Carnival 2009
Monday, 23 February 2009
Carnival Time in Bonaire is in full swing. We are from New Orleans but let me tell you Bonaire knows how to have a good time. The parades were great the people, costumes, marchers, music, food and drink went on into the night. What a good time we had. Tuesday night is the last Night Parade and the burning of MOMO indicating the end of Carnival and what happened at Carnival stays at Carnival.


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