TripAdvisor of Japan
Saturday, 10 October 2009

Image We would like to thank all of our guest "who we now consider friends" that have stayed with us at Coral Paradise Resort in Bonaire and left such excellent reviews on TripAdvisor about our Resort.

A couple of weeks ago two sweet and very good looking girls from Japan stayed with us.

 I think that we had as much fun with them staying here as they had Discovering Bonaire and all of it's charms.

When they got home they posted a review about us on TripAdvisor of Japan and it looked so cool to us that I thought you might want to see what they had to say.



Readers Choice Award for 2009
Saturday, 10 October 2009

Scuba Diving Magazine Readers Choice Award for 2009


Bonaire Ambassadors
Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wayne, Cheri & their daughter Grace have been coming to Bonaire for a long time. This was their second stay with us at Coral Paradise Resort since we have been open less than 2 years ago.

While shopping at Chat "N" Browse a very popular spot on the Island owned by our friend Michael he learned of their traveling of 15 years to Bonaire. After a call to to Bonaire's Tourist Board it was arranged that they would receive The Ambassador Award for recognition of the travel and love for the island of Bonaire and it's people.

We congratulate and are very happy for them. Below are some words from Cheri and a few photos of them with their awards.

"We came to Bonaire in 1994 on our honeymoon, and have been returning for our annual dive vacation ever since.  We fell in love with the island, the fabulous diving and the friendly Bonairian people.  We have been through many airlines in order to get there, but it's always worth it!  Over the years we have met many great people, and have made some lasting friendships. We recommend Bonaire to anyone looking for a dive destination, and plan to continue to visit as much as possible. We are honored to be Bonaire Ambassadors"



Sunday, 26 July 2009

Well OK. Here's another reason to come to Bonaire... BEER.

Besides the diving, snorkeling and other activities, Bonaire has such a large selection of BEER

Look at these HAPPY GUESTS Trying a NEW BEER.


Yeah everyone has had Amstel, and Bright and my favorite Polar, but have you ever had

 Golden Drack or Delirium (you know the one with the pink elephant on the label. Well if you haven't now you


have another good reason to come on down to Coral Paradise Resort in Bonaire. BEER

BBQ Yeah Man, We Gots Da BBQ
Monday, 01 June 2009

Many guest email us from time to time and ask if we have a BBQ Pitt on the property

at Coral Paradise Resort.  Well the answer is HELL YEAH!! We sure do.


So if your old BBQ Pitt in the statres or whereever is broke and don't work no more. Hop on the

next plane coming to Bonaire and come use ours as these guest are doing.


 Sea ya at the Pitt and Don't forget to bring some Delirium.

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