Bill  Goodwin and his lovely wife Donna have been coming to Bonaire for a long time. I do believe that they may have gills because when they are here they are in under the water as much as the creatures who live there.

Bill's passion is underwater photography & videos and he is very good at it. While diving his favorite dive site down on the southern end of Bonaire he shot this photo. When he arrived back home in the states he emailed it to me, it was so cool asked him if it was OK to put on the Coral Paradise Blog as to share the photo with other divers. He said it was OK so here it is. Take a moment, what do you think. What do you see.....


Yes that's the eye of an Octopus but did you notice what it's looking at. No that's not the Easter Bunny. That's a White Frogfish looking back at the Octopus, pretty cool aye. You may have missed it in the photo, Frogfish are very hard to find underwater even when it's being pointed out to you by one of the dive guides but if you're going to see them you'll see them in Bonaire.

Thanks Bill for this very unusual shot.