About Us


We are Vincent & Caroline from Quebec Canada. In 2000 we stopped smoking and as a gift to ourselves, we took our diving open water courses in our hometown near Montréal, Canada. Ever since then we have dove all around the world, visited many countries, Asia, Cuba, Europe, Americas and met lots of people.

In 2008, we decided to go to Bonaire, the divers paradise. We fell in love with the island, its people, nature and diving. We also found a little gem of an hotel called Coral Paradise Resort : nice facility, clean, quiet, near everything but most of all run by extraordinary people who became our dear friends : Kenny and Margaret.

Their story talked to us and we started dreaming that we would move to Bonaire too. When Kenny & Margaret decided to sell their baby, they didn't want to sell it to just anybody so... We raised our hands and said yes us please !! We sold all our belongings, left the winter and snow that we loved so much being winter sports lovers (skiing, ice skating, etc) and moved to Bonaire in December 2014.

 Our goal, is to maintain the high quality of service that Coral Paradise Resort customers are used to (we've experienced it in our 12 trips down here). We will be helped in that adventure by Kenny and Margaret who now live beside the hotel, and by Louise our hotel manager for 2 years now.

We called our new Caribbean company "New Dreams" and are doing business as Coral Paradise Resort. We hope that all your dreams will come true too. I hope you will join us in Bonaire at Coral Paradise Resort and enjoy your stay in paradise.

Vincent and Caroline