About Us

Well I guess it starts here. My wife (Margaret) and I have been coming to Bonaire for 20 years now. The first time was September 1988 a lot has changed on this special island in all those years but the feeling you get here on Bonaire is something you don’t soon forget.

The first thing we noticed about Bonaire is the people. The Antilleans they are some of the nicest and friendliest people that we have ever met, the locals here are real, they speak from the heart and aren’t full of BS

We started bringing groups for dive vacations to Bonaire as both boat diving and shore in Bonaire is unsurpassed. After a few years of bringing groups to Bonaire and traveling to different islands in the Caribbean and the Pacific only one of them kept calling us back, Bonaire.

We thought wouldn’t it be great if one day we could live here and enjoy Bonaire everyday. But the big problem was neither one of us was rich so we would need to find a home and start a business to survive down here, great idea but mega bucks away.

So we had this dream, one day we are going to move to Bonaire and figure everything out. A few years passed, we were still bringing dive groups to Bonaire but also riding around on the island with our Bonaire map looking at real estate. A few new homes were being built in the hills in Santa Barbra and we thought this may be the place for us but what do we do for income.

After thinking things over we asked ourselves why do we come to Bonaire. The first thing that came to mind was that we both loved the sea and Bonaire diving, living in the hills was nice but we knew we wanted to be close to the sea.

With all of these thoughts racing through our minds, almost like a miracle a piece of property came up for sale directly next to Capt. Don’s Habitat, A great location and only 100 steps to the sea. That was 15 years ago.

We kept our dream, worked hard back in New Orleans, where we are both are from, and finally got enough together to start building Coral Paradise Resort. A few months into the project and still living in New Orleans Hurricane Katrina paid us a visit and we lost most everything that we had, so before we could move to Bonaire as planned we first had to re-build in our home New Orleans and put it up for sale. That process took 2 years, but at last it happened.

Well that’s the short version. Margaret and I now live in Bonaire on the property at Coral Paradise Resort. We opened up for business in March/April 2008 and are loving every minute of it. We both work harder than we did in the states but look up everyday and thank God for being here.

After all the years of coming to Bonaire, we have a good idea of what guests want and expect after putting up their hard earned money for a dive vacation. We think you’ll find what you’re looking for here at Coral Paradise Resort. Come on down and spend some time with us. Come as a guest and leave as a friend.