Coral Paradise Bonaire Beach Pictures

With your vacation package you may want to relax or just get away for a while. In a 45 second walk from your pool-side room at Coral Paradise Resort is a little beach area. Just take the 10 steps down to the sandy beach and you’re in a whole different setting.

"Seven Body Beach" gets its name because if you lay seven people head to toe you are close to the length of the beach.

Take in some rays, do some cloud watching, check out the pelicans diving for the fish or just relax in the peace and quite. If you decide to get wet, snorkel over to the reef just a few yards out and a whole new world opens up to you. The reef is alive with colors and so many varieties of fish, sponges, corals and plant life that your mind soars with anticipation.

You can also dive from the beach, as a matter of fact, the dive site "Cliff" is just yards away from your entrance where you can explore the enticing reef as well as the underwater world of Bonaire diving.